Next Game night?

I didn’t make it as I came down sick this last time. when’s the next one?  what happened?

This Friday the 12th? the 19th? the 26th? I’m out the 19th.

7 thoughts on “Next Game night?

  1. No game this week, Bill has a Toastmasters talk. The girls and I are going to be over regardless, I may try to make Bill’s talk. And Rob is leaving sometime for his Germany vacation, don’t know exactly when he leaves. But hey, maybe we could heckle Bill if you’re up for it.

    I can’t make the 19th either, I will be packing for a work trip.

    26th is possible.


  2. ….and, as I write that I get an email from the Girl Scout troop that they have a meeting Friday night. So, nope, I won’t be in town tomorrow.


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