17th.. Friday

We on this week? I can make it by 7:30pm. We can hit up Harry Potter Card game. It’s fairly quick co-op 4 player. I’ll bring that. The other games we talked about are some Zombicide. Any other votes/suggestions?

8 thoughts on “17th.. Friday

  1. I won’t be able to make it, alas. Going to Kevin’s work party. I think I’ll wear heels so I can be taller than I already am, haha. I’m also out next weekend, as I will be visiting my parents.


  2. Not looking good this week. I’m still open if someone wants to get together. I’ll check about 6pm before heading out.


    1. We should be home around 8 pm – it’s Jr Indians Night at football, so the younger two spawnlets will get to run out on the new turf at half-time (game starts at 7 pm). After that, I am sure they will want to go home and play Fortnite 🙂


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