17th.. Friday

We on this week? I can make it by 7:30pm. We can hit up Harry Potter Card game. It’s fairly quick co-op 4 player. I’ll bring that. The other games we talked about are some Zombicide. Any other votes/suggestions?

8 thoughts on “17th.. Friday

  1. I won’t be able to make it, alas. Going to Kevin’s work party. I think I’ll wear heels so I can be taller than I already am, haha. I’m also out next weekend, as I will be visiting my parents.


    1. We should be home around 8 pm – it’s Jr Indians Night at football, so the younger two spawnlets will get to run out on the new turf at half-time (game starts at 7 pm). After that, I am sure they will want to go home and play Fortnite 🙂


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