June 24th, Sunday, 3-7pm.

Since I can’t manage to find any of your addresses…
I have invites for you folks if I can hand them to you.

My oldest daughter has accomplished much and is moving onto the next great adventure of college this Fall. As such her parents are making her put on a party to celebrate the 18 years it took to get here. You are welcome to come and celebrate, I just request an RSVP (ASAP) so I know how much food drink and chairs for the event.

I will supply
– A bunch of chairs (please bring some folding ones as I might run out)
– A bunch of tables & tents (this is going on as long as it isn’t coming down in buckets o’ rain or snow or tornadoes
– Taco Bar
– Drinks – both alcoholic beers/ciders and soda/water
– Excitement and Pride

You will supply
– RSVP of #s coming
– (An optional request only because I get asked about this quite a bit) A small monetary gift for my daughter’s achievements is preferred
– Folding Chairs (optional)
– Smile, Cheer and Fun

2639 N 115th St
Wauwatosa, WI 53226
(3.5 blocks north of North Ave, ½ block south of Wauwatosa West)

June 24th, Sunday from 3pm to 7pm

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