6 thoughts on “Gaming June 1, who is in?

  1. Tentative yes. Leif has the girls this weekend, but I’m waiting for him to confirm that he will pick Rowan up from her Girl Scout bridging ceremony at 8 pm. (He should, but I want to know it’s set up)


  2. I can make tomorrow. Ian was talking about 9pm. And Rebekah may be sound asleep shortly after? What time are you thinking?


  3. I can make it by 9pm.

    june 8th – can’t make
    june 15th – out of town
    june 22nd out of town
    June 29th out of town

    Nothing like travel in June for the summer


  4. Hey, I got the ex to pick up Rowan so I don’t have to get her to his house. I’ll get there by 8:30. We’ll see how long I last before bedtime!


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