Game on – Jan 5

Game ON – Jan 5

Let me know if you can make it or not.
Plan to start showing up at 7:30.

We just made it to level 6, in the card game.

Chris was planning on running Star Wars after, This.

Game Off – Jan 12 – at my Humor club

4 thoughts on “Game on – Jan 5

  1. Bill – you really need to put out the request before the “DAY OF”. I can make it tonight. But at this time, it looks like you and I are the only ones. I’ll check the blog again at 7, to make 7:30 (assuming somebody else is coming). If nobody else posts, we can plan on January 19th for the potential next gaming date, if that works with you. Thanks!


  2. I will not make it this week. Today is Benjamin’s Birthday. We are going out to eat to celebrate.

    The 19th should be open. Jacob’s B-day is the 20th so no conflict with that.


  3. Bill – see you on the 19th. Please start a new post today so that people have time to reply. Please call me if things change for tonight. Thanks!


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