What Went Down 7-21-2017

Well we gave up on the scenario, around midnight, as it looked like we were not having much luck, so we will try it again next time.

There was a rule that we could not go to a location with the Abyssal trait, and that hurt us, as well as not piling on the Henchmen when we saw them; there was one Henchman Mustafo That we fought 3 times, the first two times we lost by only 2 points or less.

There is a location the Grinder that flips from Abyssal to Non-Abyssal

The main boss was not to difficult I was the Vulture Demon they summoned, that everyone at the location has to defeat in order to have a chance at defeating the Villain, by sacrificing a card with Divine on it.

The scenario was also more difficult because the Villain was in a Non-Abyssal location.

Hope to see you guys in 2 weeks, for another try.

I will defiantly want to go back, as that is where I get my sword upgrade, it just has a few steps to acquire, see below.
1. Go to an Abyssal location, that someone else is already at.
2. Summon the faceless henchman, and defeat by NOT more than 6.
3. Acquire the Yandil cohort, and Give to Bill (or who ever has the sword Radiant)
4. Use the cohorts power while having the sword Radiant in your hand.
5. Banish sword Radiant, and get new better loot sword.

easy peasy



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