Gaming June 2nd

If you are planning on showing up, you should post, so others are more likely to also show up.

Last time there was a delay as I had to approve every post, I am hoping that this won’t happen again, but if it does I’ll be ready to approve on my phone.

See you guys tomorrow evening, unless nobody posts then I will assume no one is showing up, and will make other plans.

Bill the Annoying


8 thoughts on “Gaming June 2nd

    1. I did NOT need to approve your comment this time, so that part is working.

      You are listed as an “Author” so I assume you can make posts, but you will need to try on your own. There is a Logon link at the bottom of the page.


    2. Will be there as soon as I can. My game finishes at 8:15 (roughly) so I might be more on the 9:15pm range before I make it. I’m stopping at home to shower.


  1. I’m planning on this week, again. Technology failed me last week, as it frequently does. Sorry that I made other plans last week, and not notifying anyone, when I saw no other posts than my own.


  2. i am sorry about all the frustration with the blog transition and comment approval 😦 Not too happy with free hosting 😦


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