Ghost in the Shell, Friday, 7:30pm Ridge

Who’s in? I’ll be there with likely 2 additional work friends and potentially the youngest and one of her friends.

If we are going to eat dinner before, what say.. 5pm at Texas Roadhouse before hand? That’s right next door.


10 thoughts on “Ghost in the Shell, Friday, 7:30pm Ridge

  1. Alright.. Marcus Majestic just opened up their showings for Ghost in the Shell and I’d rather go see this on the biggest screen we can in the area. So if there’s no issues, we move this to 7:30pm on Friday at the Majestic (out in Brookfield off I-94). I’ll buy the tickets tonight. i can always return some if needed.

    Anybody have Andy’s # so I can call/text him to make sure he’s cool with the shift?

    Also food then on Friday? Suggestions?


    1. Ian – I just texted you Andrew’s cell #. Texas Roadhouse next to Home Depot in Waukesha is the restaurant. Pick a time to meet and dine.


      1. Sounds good. Thanks Rob. Texas Roadhouse it is. 5:45pm meet there. We will have assigned seating at Majestic, so 1.5 hours for dinner should be plenty.


  2. Tickets have been bought. $14 a pop, checks preferred if possible.
    I have Rebekah, Bill, Olya, 1 kid, Rob, Andrew, Me, 2 more kids, 1 friend.
    UltraScreen 2, 7:30pm showing at Majestic in Brookfield.
    Seats H10-H19

    Dinner at 5:45pm at Texas Roadhouse next to Home Depot on Bluemound Road. Just down the street from Majestic. If anybody wants to come, just buy tickets and your seats and let us know. Love to see everyone there.


  3. I made a “seat-ahead” reservation for 10 of us at 5:45pm under “Rob”. The seating number, in case I get lost, is L1. Once everyone arrives, we should be seated within 15-20 minutes, according to Katy, the Large Party seating coordinator.


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